New York Craft Spirits & Food Crawls

All The Tastes Of New York partners with local distillers in New York who make spirits from ingredients grown in New York. We offer private spirits tastings to educate our customers about the many different Bourbons, Whiskies, Vodkas, Gins and Brandies made in New York. All of our tastings as booked as private educational experiences that teach you about the process of making each spirit while guiding you through the flavors and textures that are unique to each brand. For more information, please visit our NY Spirits page.

In addition we also host themed “food crawls” at some of NYC’s top restaurants. A Food Crawl is a sampling of food from different restaurants that are within walking distance of each other. Appetizer, Entree and Dessert are each enjoyed a short walk from each other. For more information about our Food Crawls please visit our Food Crawls page.