Where Can I Buy NY Spirits

Sipping In The Swing Of Summer!

Since the heat is on now that summer is upon us, it’s time to stock the bar with local spirits to make fabulous cocktails!

To help you achieve this worthy goal, I wanted to answer a question that is often asked regarding craft spirits. “Where can I buy them?”

The following are my recommendations. They each have great selections and equally great staff to guide you in your quest.  I hope there is a location close to where you live or work!

  • Vintage Harlem (Harlem)
  • Sag Harbor Liquor Store (Sag Harbor)
  • Park Avenue Liquor Shop (Midtown)
  • Mash & Grape (Lower East Side)
  • Il Vino Torchio (Brooklyn)
  • East Village Wine & Liquor (Lower East Side)
  • Beekman Liquors (Midtown)
  • Apricots & Honey (Mt. Vernon)
  • Atlantic Wines & Liquors (Amagansett)
  • Ambassador Wines & Spirits (Upper East Side)