Dining With Your Pooch In NYC

Now that the weather is warm, what a great opportunity to combine my favorite things! Food, Outdoors and my pup!

For those of you who love dining with your furry friends, the following are restaurants that not only accept our four legged pals, but also have thoughtfully created menus to please all!

Leading the pack is A.G. Kitchen in the Upper West Side, owned by Chef Alex Garcia. Aside from a fabulous Cuban menu, they have also created a pet menu filled with all things delicious and canine friendly that are also Cuban inspired. A.G. Kitchen is located at 269 Columbus Ave, New York NY 10023.

The second runner up is Tuttles, located in Murray Hill. Not only is Tuttles pet friendly, they have also partnered with wine company Paco & Lola, a young, modern wine company located in Spain. Every Tuesday, all pup parents receive a welcome glass of wine and there are doggy door prizes!! In addition, Tuttles also boasts a cocktail menu only made with New York State Spirits!! Tuttles is located at 735 2nd Ave, New York NY 10016.

Last but not least is The Pavilion, located at the North End of Union Square. The Pavilion is only open seasonally from April to October, so definitely stop by when the sun is shining! Aside from welcoming your pooch and having baskets of treats  available for them, the Pavilion also sources most of their raw ingredients from the near by Union Square Market. At All The Tastes of New York, we are all about supporting local, so dining here is an all together feel good experience!!


atsbyAtsby Vermouth is the inspiration of a boozehound and cultural history geek, Adam Ford, who had the vision of bringing the romance of vermouth back to America. Vermouth, he believed, had the potential to be the perfect drink. Wine with brandy? Fragrant herbs and aromatic spices? A whisper of sweet? Sublime. Perfection. He couldn’t understand why the stuff wasn’t being gulped down by the bottle.

Atsby sought to create a new American vermouth using artisanal ingredients and a respect for terroir. Working closely with a certified sommelier, Adam applied 21st century knowledge of wine, spirits, herbs, and food to upgrade an old faithful mixer into a modern vibrant beverage in itself.

orange-countyLocated on a fifth-generation farm in the black dirt region of Orange County,  New York Orange County Distillery is a true farm to bottle craft distillery.  Their focus is on quality, not quantity.  They grow everything on their farm that is needed to produce quality spirits.  Quality ingredients, small batches, hands-on processes.

They can pull a sugar beet out of the ground and turn it into vodka within a week.  Or take a bushel of corn and turn it into whiskey in the same amount of time.

If you ever want to know exactly where a bottle of their vodka, whiskey or gin comes from, all you have to do to is take a step out the front door and look at their fields.  They are truly the definition of what a farm-to-bottle distillery is.


fingerlakes-distFinger Lakes Distilling is a NYS Farm Distillery, which means that they are a small operation making a handcrafted product. It also means they able to devote all of their attention to everything they make. They don’t take any shortcuts.

Their flavored vodkas and liqueurs are made in the traditional manner, by soaking real fruits in the spirit. They do not add extracts or synthetic flavoring to speed up the process. Their whiskies rest in oak barrels for as long as they need to, until they mature into the rich aged spirit they offer with pride.

Keeping with the traditional vision, they believe in minimizing waste and using everything. Spent grains from fermentation are used by local farmers as animal feed. The oak floors of the distillery are reclaimed siding from a tobacco barn in Kentucky, and the wood bordering the tasting bar also used to be part of a local barn.